We offer turnkey accountancy services that include bookkeeping, computerized management, handling payroll, dealing with employee benefits programs and much more. These turnkey services include:


  • Cloud Accountancy
    We work with cloud accountancy software, but we recommend that our customers either use Quickbooks or Flowaccount because it most closely matches the administrative and reporting requirements of the BOI and Thai government agencies. Quickbooks software enables companies to work anywhere, manage finances, collaborate with associates and stakeholders and access data safely and securely.
  • Bookkeeping
    Our bookkeeping services adhere to all regulatory standards including the Thai Revenue Code and Thai Accounting Act B.E. 2543.
  • Payments Processing
    We can help with payment processing, setting up payment gateways on your website and offering your customers alternative payment methods.
  • Credit Control
    Granting credit for accounts is a complex decision, and we can give you our best advice on what constitutes acceptable credit risk.
  • Payroll Service
    It’s often difficult for companies to understand the payroll processes of their own countries and keep up with any changes, and handling payroll in a foreign country can be very difficult for small businesses. We make the process painless and simple. You should know that Thailand workers work 8 hours daily up to a maximum 48-hour work week. Overtime kicks in for more more hours, and the overtime rate can vary from one-and-a-half to three times the regular rate.
  • Report Preparation
    We prepare custom reports on your finances for investors, board meetings, and government agencies.
  • Manage Electronic Reporting
    We can help your company to file electronic reports for many global data, payment processing and reporting needs.
  • Implement Benefit Programs
    We understand Thai law and business best practices to guide you through the complex process of developing an employee benefits program that’s fair and affordable.
  • Personal income Tax Return
    In Thailand, everyone must file a personal income tax return including non-residents and residents, non-registered partnerships, deceased individuals and community enterprises. Residents are individuals who live in Thailand for at least 180 days of the year. We can help you with personal income tax, corporate income tax and all tax matters.
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